The Book



San Francisco 1980’s. After the death of their parents, Gay brothers, Joey and Dylan Sanders find they are unable to manage a failing bed and breakfast and convert it into an AIDS Hospice to qualify for government funding. In search of an estate for the Creed, Doctor Huey Chang is both enamored by the Hospice’s regal architecture and suited smoke screen from their enemies. Dylan Sanders, also a AIDS patient, convinces his brother to sale the hospice to Doctor Chang.

Saved from their imminent mortality by Chang and his angels of mercy, the grateful survivors join the vampire Creed. The vigilantes take vengeance on the forces of their oppression, fascism, and a war breaks out on the streets of San Francisco. Paranormal guardians, mired by inconvenient romances, challenged by KKK forces, and hunted by the German Firm that financed Doctor Chang’s experiment; find their fate in the hands of one lawman who is torn between low crime rates and the integrity of the law.